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Capacity Building Program

To benefit from the Ksh 30 billion Fund, MSMEs will be encouraged to apply and participate in a capacity building program.

The program will centre on the following approach:

  • Training for MSMEs with content focus on enhancing a business’ ability to access finance from banks. The content will be delivered via Web and face-to-face learning.
  • Targeted intervention based on the Government’s priority areas, namely leather, textiles and agriculture.
  • Train-the-Trainer Model to reach scale with certified Trainer Partners with physical presence in the counties to reach National Footprint. The certified training partners include: 
    • Kenya Institute of Management
    • Micro & Small Enterprises Authority
    • Kenya Chamber of Commerce
    • Kenya Association of Manufacturers
  • Leverage partnerships to reach Scale and National Footprint, and to facilitate business networking and coaching opportunities at the Constituency and County levels. 


Inuka Enterprise Platform 

KBA Secretariat will create an Online (Web and Mobile) portal where MSMEs can apply for the capacity building program, and gain access to program information.

MSMEs will also be able to establish business profiles including their capital requirements and credit scores, which banks would use to source for clients and market their products. 

The Capacity Building Program will be launched by KBA in January 2017.

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