• TOPIC : COVID-19 Response Strategy for Businesses
  • Host : Annabelle Kanguru, Inuka –SME Team –Curriculum Development and Facilitator PSC –OOPENSPACE; Riverside; Nairobi , Corporate Training and Business Management Consultant
  • THEME : Supporting MSMEs by creating equitable opportunities for MSMEs across the country
  • MONTH : April 2020
  • Focus Areas :
    As a means to support budding businesses to thrive, KBA through the Inuka Enterprise Program has developed a mentorship platform where business coaches will spur discussions on topical issues that address gaps and inspire entrepreneurs to reach new heights. You’re welcome for this week’s session on "COVID-19 Response Strategy for Businesses".
    Focus Areas:

    1.COVID-19 cases are increasing in Kenya, as a small business owner, what should you do?

    2.Learn how to create an emergency preparedness plan

    3. Learn some coping mechanisms when business is slow and you don't have enough work.

    4. Is there anything one can do to avoid laying off employees due to reduced business?

    5.How do you make the strategy work if you have your employees working from home?