How to increase your yield and quality of crops

Lawrence Kioko Gichohu is a budding business man operating in Machakos town. The urge to be self-employed led him to quit employment in 2000 to venture into business. He operates an Electronics and 2nd hand shoes shop and has recently ventured into agri-business. He borrowed money to start farming business, he used part of the money to purchase a one-acre piece of land and the rest to cultivate it. He is making good returns from his farm and is now looking to expand. He needs a tank to help him have steady supply of water for irrigation. His immediate need is to gain access to the nearest markets and deliver his produce from the farm in good time. Kenya Bankers Association and Rafiki Microfinance Bank shares in his dream and gave him a grant of Ksh. 100,000 to pursue his agribusiness.

Starting a business after a failed attempt

Evelyne Amunga’s aspiration to open her salon was finally realized after many years of hard work. Unfortunately, a fire broke out and destroyed her business. With no capital and insurance to get her back on her feet, Evelyne was left helpless. Fortunately, she received a grant of Kshs. 100,000 from Kenya Bankers Association and Family Bank. In addition, Evelyne was also trained on Financial Management.

How to make money in your spare time

Martin Njoroge is a luxury car mechanic who has always aspired to open his own garage. Unfortunately, Njoroge had no capital and lacked the knowledge to realize his aspiration. Kenya Bankers Association in partnership with Co-operative bank gave him a grant of Ksh. 100,000 to realize his dream. He was also trained on Financial Management to enable him to be an effective business owner.

How to sell products through social media

James Onyango is a carpet street vendor who has a deep desire to open a store to sell his wares in wholesale. Over the years, Onyango has been able to save quite a bit towards his dream. To enable him to scale higher in his aspiration, Kenya Bankers Association together with Co-operative Bank gave him a grant of Kshs. 100,000 towards his ambitions. Onyango also received Financial Management training to enable him to grow his business. James was able to join various social media platforms to showcase his wares. This has inevitably expanded his market reach.